About Us

What does it take to be one of Calgary

s leading cleaning service company.

We haven’t yet come up with that many reasons to choose us, but we’re working on it. For starters, many of our reviews are “Five Star” reviews and those are real reviews from real clients from Calgary and many other cities, who have tried our cleaning services and love us.

We are very happy to say that the first company we started in 2002 remains one of the leading maid house and commercial cleaning companies from our region.. We are more selective in our hiring because we can be so and because our location is smarter than many others. We continue to improve our hands on, and exam-based training systems which we have developed over the years. We are using new cleaning equipment; we improved the selection of greener cleaning supplies and continuously improved our scheduling systems. More than any other factor, the owners of CityClean are involved in deeper management of the company, and this results in better cleaning services for our customers.

In terms of personnel, we know the qualities we’re looking for and how to source the best cleaners, not only in Calgary, but the whole region, just to satisfy your needs. When we combine all these advantages, they result in a consistently clean house, office and carpet and an overall better cleaning experience for you and, the most important, your family.