About Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning can improve the appearance of your house or office and extend the life of your carpet, but perhaps the most valuable benefit from the process is improving you and your family’s health.

Why chose us ?

Choosing the right company to clean your carpets is very important, using inexperienced carpet cleaners or hiring a machine and doing it yourself can be very dangerous and end up costing you more money, time and stress than hiring a professional do the job.

  • Kill dust mites, germs and bacteria lurking in soft furnishings, carpets and mattresses
  • Remove flea eggs from areas favoured by your pets
  • Gives your carpets a new lease of life with improved colour, softness and a fluffier feel
  • Eradicate strong odours and allergy inducing pollutants and pollens
  • Remove sweat, blood, urine, food and drink stains
  • Save you money by making carpets and upholstery last longer.

Regular carpet cleaning improves the quality of air in your place and maintains the neatness of your home. You may allow your pets and your kids to play around your home without worrying about them having dust allergies.

By using excellent cleaning methods and materials in your carpets, dust, dirt and allergens won’t be able to quickly build up in your carpet fibers. CityClean recommends having carpets cleaned every 12 months to extend their life and keep them looking and smelling good.