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CityClean offers some of the best cleaning services in Calgary and all of this is proven by our happy customers.

Read their testimonials below; you will be surprised.

I was amazed how fast and how clean was my house. I referred them to my friends and they are happy with their work, too. Thank you CityClean!
Andrea Simpson
I recently moved out of home and have had a total shock at how hard house work can be!! My mum always cleaned up after me and nagged that I was messy, I just thought she was moaning for the sake of it but I now realize how easily my mess spreads now that I'm tidying up after myself! You just don't notice when somebody else is doing it for you. Its like the program wife swap, the men are always so much more grateful when they get their wives back for all the work they do to keep a tidy home. Thank you CityClean!
Oh my goodness a woman's work is never done! My whole house is a mess right now so I just wanted to watch an inspirational video to get me going! This has really helped! I'd like to show this to all of the people that claim being a mother/housewife is an easy ride and not a proper job!!! Some people really don't seem realize how hard it can be to keep a home clean and tidy! Would have been nice to see picks of the house finished.
I had CityClean come to clean my apartment when to move out. I think was cleaned better by them, then I moved in. The owner of the building was very impressed, and I got all my deposit back. I am going to use them again in my new condo.
Joe O'Neil
I received a birthday gift of house cleaning through CityClean, from my sister. I never had a cleaning company before to clean my house, and now I wonder why not? They did a fantastic job and made this working woman's life so much easier. Now I schedule them every week, so there is one less thing to do. Thanks so much!
Nancy F.
I highly recommend the service. I have used them a couple times now and my place is spotless. I am beyond impressed. Great job City Clean!
Jennifer Blyth